ご挨拶/From Manager

🌹Thanks to various good lucks that I had, I could open “Huis Wacoco SHINKOIWA” in 2021.

I personally love “house time”, I hope that customers who live in “Huis Wacoco SHINKOIWA” will find their favorite way of spending at the house.

House is called “Huis” in Dutch. I was born while my parents and siblings lived in the Netherlands.

I tried to put the feeling of “house / family” associated with the Netherlands into the name of “Huis Wacoco”.

I will be happy to help the customers to spend a comfortable time at the Shinkoiwa share house.

Thank you very much.

🌹この度、様々なご縁にめぐまれ「Huis Wacoco SHINKOIWA]をオープンすることが出来ました。

私自身が、「家時間」が大好きなことから、「Huis Wacoco SHINKOIWA」に住んでいただくお客様にも、それぞれの家でのお気に入りの過ごし方を見つけていただければと思い、この度「家」づくりに取り組みました。


オランダから連想される「家・家族」の想いを「Huis Wacoco」の名前にこめてみました。



🍃My favorites:

Karate/Scuba Diving/Hiking/Reading Edo period novels/Cooking/Time spent at my home

🍃🍃Experiences overseas:

Spent High school years in NY. Enjoyed travelling abroad U.S, Canada, Mexico,Asian countries,European Countries,etc.

My best memory is that I spent a month traveling around the Calibean islands with my diving equipment on my back.